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Because of the recent school closings due to weather, we are adding a school day to the calendar next Friday, February 8. Students should report to school February 8. Afterschool programming and transportation will follow a regular school-day schedule.

The Department of Public Instruction requires that students be provided a specified number of instructional minutes per year. With four instructional days to make up so far this winter due to snow and cold, several options are being explored for making up those days throughout the remainder of the school year.

In the near term, it has been decided to use next Friday, formerly a staff-only day, as one of these make-up days. We will be providing additional updates as soon as we can letting you know how we plan to make up the remainder of needed instructional days and minutes this school year. We know that having this information sooner rather than later will be helpful as you plan your summer.

If you have any questions, please contact your school principal. Thanks for your patience, flexibility and feedback.